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“Customer first” is our service motto. We always try our best to provide fast and convenient service as soon as possible. Keep improving customer’s value is our service goal. POWERON can offer a total power solution according the requirements of projects. The solution covers UPS selection and configuration, power distribution cabinet design, remote communication system design, with a service plan etc. The solution is supposed to offer the customers what they really need in different projects.

POWERON is happy to provide all kind of technology and product communication and training. Through our training and presale consultations, the customers can understand better about the products and solution. The technical team of POWERON is ready to design customized products and solution according to different requirements of projects. POWERON always takes the responsibility for the repair and maintenance/replace of the products manufactured by POWERON for the period committed by POWERON. We always prepare enough spare parts for the after-sales service. So you just POWERON it and leave the rest on us

POWERON provide our resellers all kinds of technical training for the field services. Even our customer /reseller can choose and ask for internet training, factory training or customer field training. The course includes UPS fundamental, circuit analyzing, system debugging, installation, maintenance, etc. POWERON provide system development service to insure the advanced application of the customer field. The activity includes remote communication system development, alarm system development, power distribution system development, etc.


POWERON having a Professional technical service team for global market operations. Through the global service dispatch system, the corresponding team will offer quick service solutions all around the world.POWERON Technical team provides all kinds of customized solutions for projects. The customers from all around the world can come up with requirements for each individual project. Through our global network of storage allocation customers can get quick and high efficiency response for any field requirement.



What are SAGS?

SAGS are short duration decreases in the mains supply voltage which generally last for several cycles. They are one of the more common forms of disturbances. When sags occur sensitive equipment can lock or hang causing data loss and system resets.

What is Surges in ELECTRICITY?

Surges are short duration increases in the mains supply voltage which generally last several cycles. When surges occur equipment can suffer from premature failure. The high voltage causes wear and tear and general component degradation. This may not be noticeable until failure, though heat out is a good sign.

What are Transients and Spikes?

These are very fast high energy surges lasting only a few milliseconds. When transients or spikes occur equipment can lock or hang, crash and even suffer damage which inevitably causes data loss and corruption. Large transients can occur from local or worst case a direct lightning strike.

What is Electrical Noise?

This is a high frequency noise either common or normal mode which can cause severe disruption and damage to circuits and equipment.

What is Brownouts?

 This is long term sags in the mains supply voltage which can last up to several days. During a brownout equipment can reset or even shutdown.

What are Blackouts and Mains Failures?

 When the mains supply fails completely, known as a total mains failure or blackout. A break in the mains supply of only several milliseconds is sufficient enough to crash, lock or reset many of the components that make up a typical data or voice processing IP network, such as PC, terminal, console, server, PBX, printer, modem, hub or router.


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